No. of Scouts=151.

No. of Guides =90

No. of Bulbuls =75

No. of Cubs = 79

We have

No. of Scout Masters = 07

No. of Guide Captains = 04

No. of Flock leaders = 03

No. qualified in Tritiya Sopan = 9 scouts &7 guides

No. qualified for Rajya Puraskar = 3 Scouts &4 Guides


Our 3 Guides& 5 Scouts have participated in Rashtrapati Award testing camp held at State Training Park, Madhupur Eastern Railway Jharkhand from 3rd January to 7th January 2018. Their results are awaited.


The Rajya Puraskar Award Testing camp for guides was conducted successfully in our vidyalaya where girl students from 03regions of KVS have participated.