Highlights on Common Minimum Programme (CMP) for primary classes, if any.
Resource room status- TV, LCD, Photocopier, Computer Lab, Globes, Maps, Magnetic board, classroom  almirah and students folder. Encyclopedia, Children Britannica, Tape recorder etc.

Lab – Junior maths lab for primary section is available.
          TAL room- Two TAL rooms are used for computer aided teaching.

Observation – Class observation is done regularly.

Worksheets prepared on competencies wise and classified for slow, average and bright children.

Remedial class taken as per KVs guideline.
Material used- Worksheet , CD, Experiment, Chart, OHP etc.
Computer aided teaching- Class taken as per KVs guidelines.
Material used- Self prepared CD based on content enrichment and educational CDs provided from TLM.

Class room library record- Emphasized on loud reading, re-reading and vocabulary expansion.

Film show is organized in every week. CN channel, Discovery channel, Animal planet, Pogo, National geographic, Disney channels are the media to enlarge their knowledge.

CCE is maintained for each child to keep the record of individual progress.

PTA meeting is organized to discuss and see the answer script of the students.

Reading card is used in library period each child prepare reading card by her/his own.

Think quest students of class-V log into the think quest and enrich the content area.

Project based learning - Some teachers are emphasizing on project based learning. Priority given on students made CD.

Excursion- Programme chalked out to visit Gandhi Park and Water plant and Zoo.
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